Residential Recovery

‘Somewhere  between right doing and wrong doing, there is a field; I’ll meet you there’  - RUMI

21 DAYS is an intense residential recovery program- our silver bullet.

When drugs and alcohol have become a serious problem we have a direct and effortless solution to the problem. We use the term silver bullet to cut through complexity, target the problem and find the answers. At 21 DAYS your corporate employee, business manager or partner has an individualised program set for their complete recovery from drugs and alcohol. We work to immediately restore health, attitude and hope for a better life. We aim to have our clients on their feet and functioning again as soon as possible because we know what a key employee costs to lose.

After the first intervention/interview and upon acceptance into 21 DAYS our clients undergo comprehensive in- depth therapy, exercise and physical challenge, insightful self-reports,   and clear goals towards performance in the workplace. We advocate a zero tolerance policy, use scientific and proven techniques and use honest appraisal methods.

If you suspect you know someone who needs our help please call to discuss further.

Each client has their own reservations, motivators and agendas- our coaching programs are effective because they are highly individualised and treat every client’s needs and wants as unique, finding solutions that fit rather than a prescribed package deal.  Our coaches have a stated outcome for each client; sustained employment and successful functioning at work and home.

We guarantee the highest confidentiality at all time.     

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