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When your employees test positive at work for drugs and alcohol, it affects their performance. They steal time, profits and knowledge from your business. They risk their own and others safety, your reputation, the emotional well - being of those around them and threaten trust and respect found in good workplaces. When discovered in your workplace you need to act and act decisively 

INTERVENE is an exceptional drug and alcohol recovery program. We offer in house or residential programs based on scientific evidence, latest technology and proven results. We accept no excuses, no nonsense. We tackle methamphetamine, cannabis, synthetic marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, cocaine and methadone.

Experts are not surprised by research showing New Zealand and Australia share the highest rates of cannabis and methamphetamine use. Statistics in NZ show 62% of cannabis and methamphetamine users are in full-time employment. As an employer you are expected to offer drug and alcohol help. It is in your interest to make sure it is effective and through retaining your employee the cost is mitigated, no new search, recruitment and training and  there is no lost organisational knowledge. You save time and money.

Intervene is a 6 session program that addresses drug and alcohol use and dependence.

We provide a guided planned strategy for stopping illicit substances, excessive alcohol and prescription drugs. Our program is designed to increase our client’s confidence, motivation and direction.  At the end of 6 sessions the client will have well defined goals relating to work, living healthily, managing their stress and surroundings and effective self- management. At the end of the programme we will provide a realistic report to the employer related to sustainable employment outcomes that show compliance with employment responsibilities.


Intervene; take part in something so as to prevent or alter a course of events.
synonyms: intercede, involve oneself, get involved, interpose oneself, insinuate
oneself, step in, cut in; change the actions or situation of another.

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