Christina Stroud is known as a lively, outspoken champion in the campaign against methamphetamine aka ICE, meth, crack and blaze. She heads which incorporates a residential center that specialises in methamphetamine recovery, corporate recovery programs, a series of books and training aids and informative speaking events.

Christina is an Entrepreneur, an Adventure Based Trainer, Creative Learning Facilitator and after completing a degree in Organisational Psychology, she founded and directed a coaching/coach training company setting industry standards She gained a reputation for an uncompromising love of success. Amongst her clients were corporate executives, Olympic stars and business owners.

Her focus turned to methamphetamine recovery after the loss of a friend in 2000 through the dirty drug. The use of the drug in our society quickly escalated and coaching clients starting to turn up with problems through use and it was with a growing realisation we were facing a social catastrophe that inspired her work.

Christina sits on two trusts mandated to stop the supply and demand of meth, currently working on a national symposium, programs in prisons and a book tour. Christina has just been named an Alumni of Distinction by Massey University for 2015. She will be speaking and setting up recovery centres and training across Australia.

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